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Below are some commonly asked questions regarding our brand and ethos! If you have other questions, please fill in the form, or email us at hello@highlandboundary.com

Botanical spirits are a sub genre of Spirit that is typically made from handpicked leaves, berries and flowers. An example of a well known Botanical Spirit is Gin! Made with a neutral spirit as a base , juniper and some other Botanicals. If you want to find out about botanical spirits read more here!

A botanical is something that comes from plants. This can include bark, flowers, berries, leaves, roots and more!

Yes! They are called Botanical Syrups and we will be crafting and selling them. Botanical syrups can be used for creating some tasty mocktails or in your delightful food creations!

Botanicals have been used for thousands of years. The usage of botanicals through time will have been for food, medicines, and cosmetics and we continue to use botanicals used in ancient times for the same purposes today!

Foraging can be a tricky task if you don't know what you are doing, but the key points are to minimise harm, get permission, be informed about what you're picking, only take from large populations, and leave lots behind! If you want to find out more about responsible foraging from us click here! Or find out from Woodland Trust here!

Rewilding is a common topic nowadays, with out sprawling concrete jungles and vast farmland there is not a lot of true wild left. The concept of rewilding is taking nature back to its natural state allowing for a haven for many different species of plants and animals. Find out how you can help protect local habitats and wildlife through rewilding here!

Short answer, yes! Botanical Spirits work just as well if not better in cocktails! You can recreate classic cocktails, try new cocktails, or even craft your own!

Here is a list of recipes we have curated!

Botanical drinks are made by gathering your botanicals and combining it with a spirit base (we use grain spirit and mineral water!). You can also make many different botanical cocktails, check out our recipes here!

Yes! Foraging has been done by humans for thousands of years and has become less prolific as humans turned to domestication of animals and farming produce. Humans were once hunter gatherers meaning we would hunt animals for meat and materials and forage as well. Although as a whole foraging is sustainable it does come with a degree of responsibility. To find out more read our guide on foraging.

The Highland Boundary fault is a major fault zone that crosses Scotland from Stonehaven on the east coast to the island of Arran on the west coast. Our name derives from this fault that crosses through our farm!

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