Nature based innovators

Who we are and where we're from

Highland Boundary is the idea of Marian and Simon who live and work near the pretty market town of Alyth in Perthshire, Scotland. Our name comes from the geological feature, called the Highland Boundary Fault, on which our farm lies. We have one foot in the Highlands and one in the Lowlands of Scotland. To the North of us lie the Angus glens and the mountains of the Cairngorms and looking South of our distillery has stunning views of the fertile Strathmore valley.

By combining Highland botanicals with Southern grain spirit, we are crafting a new generation of spirits firmly rooted in our local landscape.


Is when we moved to Kirklandbank (7 acres). Resting high above the Strathmore valley is our little patch of progress.


is the amount of trees that resided within Kirklandbank in 2020 which is an increase of 407% from 121 trees that existed when we moved in 2008.


is the total Biodiversity within Kirklandbank in 2020 - which is a 200% increase from when we moved in 2008.

Making Wild Things

Our aim is to bring you the flavours of the Scottish wilderness in our botanical spirits. We hand-pick all of our botanicals from Scottish woodlands either on our farm or nearby. We are careful to only harvest a small amount of foliage, flowers or berries from any single plant, taking in one season only what would be browsed naturally. This means plants stay healthy and we leave plenty or the wild animals, birds and insects that also rely on mother nature. We combine our Scottish botanicals. With grain spirit and mineral-rich spring water from Alyth Hill which has been naturally filtered through the 450 million year-old Devonian sandstone bedrock of Strathmore.


Driven by Family & Friends

One of the most remarkable things about our Wild Scottish Spirit is the thought, care and love that goes into every bottle we make from every member of our team. From handpicking local botanicals; pre-distillation flavour processing; distilling and bottling, across all operations our teamwork tirelessly together to produce spirits and liqueurs that showcase flavours that demonstrate just how much we care.

Marian leads the way and is supported by a wonderful group of friendly, fun, talented and creative folks. Each team member comes with their own background and our openness means views, questions and opinions are always welcome. Togetherness brings something wildly different to the tasks involved in producing and sharing our Highland Boundary Spirits with the world.

You can read more about the team in our blog. From talking baking and cooking with Simon to lovely local independent businesses with Marian. You can also catch up with team members James.

The wild, remarkable and flavour-packed punch that each sip of Highland Boundary delivers comes directly from the ethos of our team who create it.


Distilling the Wild

In the ‘magic-making’ we use a combination of infusion, distillation in our copper alembic still and post - distillation infusion to obtain the maximum botanical flavour in our spirits.

By using novel Scottish botanicals in surprising combinations we are creating a new generation of Scottish botanical spirits with remarkable flavours.

Run with the Wolf

Our wolf logo celebrates our wilderness and is a modern twist on the Pictish animal stone carvings found near our distillery.

The colours in our logo refer to the variety of different botanicals we use and the design was also inspired by our dearly departed family wolf called Hamish (ok, he’s a wolfy-dog really).

It was created for us in Dundee, the design capital of Scotland, by Kurt Macdonald at mtc media. Thanks Kurt, we love it!!

When you see our wolf logo on your spirit you know you can trust you are drinking a high quality, truly cared-for, modern, Scottish, botanical spirit.