The Essence of Elderflower

The Essence of Elderflower

Fragrant, creamy-white Elderflower is sweet, summery and heaped with symbolism.

Every spring the humble Elderflower tree can be found donning the delicate white petals of the elderflower. Blooming in the months of May and June, the pretty clusters of tiny flowers become the epitome of summer countryside aesthetic before performing a natural wonder of transitioning into rich purple elderberries.

Where does elderflower come from?

Elderflowers can be found in wild regions across the globe but are most commonly associated with being nestled in the woodlands of Europe and North America. Its quaint and delicate nature, as well as medical properties, made elderflower a popular display of wealth and upper class in Victorian England and have been treasured ever since.

How elderflower reacts with our senses

Much like its delicate appearance, the elderflower once infused, exuberates a very light and floral flavour which is ever so refreshing and often why it is hailed the perfect taste for a summer’s day drink. Often used to pair with gin to add flavouring, elderflower is a much less overpowering treat for the taste buds compared to other infusions.

Floral, ‘summery’ and sweet can all be used to describe the enduring scent of elderflower. Don’t be fooled by its innocent appearance, whilst not overpowering, the fragrance of elderflower can often be apparent within a short distance of the budding bush without having to go up close to the flowers.

What flavours compliment elderflower?

Keeping to its wild roots, elderflower naturally pairs well with gin and its juniper botanical origins but its light flavour often means it is used to compliment other more powerful ingredients, either as a liqueur or cordial. For a full-on floral affair, pair dashes of elderflower soda or cordial with rose gin or for a twist on the classic gin fizz add a dash of elderflower cordial to bring a touch of floral sweetness. Citrus fruits, and lime in particular, work well with adding a zesty, refreshing kick to elderflower beverages. We combined the beautifully fragrant elderflower with fresh, forest flavours drawn from buds of the birch tree to create a wonderfully unique and woodland-inspired wild botanical spirit.

Elderflower In Ancient Mythology 

In ancient mythology, the Elder tree is highly sacred with a spirit known as the Elder Mother, or Hylde Moer in Danish, living inside the tree.  Legend has it that magical powers from the Elder Mother are gifted by her to parts of the tree and it has long been recognised and prized as a medicinal tree.  

The Elder is symbolic of endings and rebirth from its association with the Celtic festival of Samhain (Halloween) and Elder branches are hung over the doors to ward off evil spirits.