Small steps everyone can take to support rewilding

Small steps everyone can take to support rewilding

Help us protect our local habitats and wildlife. Start your journey of sustainable living today. 

Rewilding is a subject that we here at Highland Boundary are extremely passionate about. For those unfamiliar with the concept and pondering ‘what is rewilding?’ It’s simple really. It’s the process of supporting repopulation, growth and development in nature. A gradual movement of change that can take shape in many different forms. From planting, to building new and safe habitats for local wildlife species to call home. 

Not long ago, we shared our story of rewilding our land here on Kirklandbank Farm. Our mission has spanned over 13 years so far and continues to grow. You can find out more about our rewilding journey here

For many, the ethos of rewilding aligns with their personal values of wanting to regenerate nature and develop our ecosystems. However, with such vast opportunities to get involved and each person having a different set of resources to hand, it can be overwhelming finding a starting point. Not everyone can donate hours of their time every week to local projects or has the space to accommodate big change. But, that’s okay! You don’t need to. Small regular actions contribute to big changes and that’s exactly what we’re discussing today. 

Here are some small steps which you can take to support rewilding. 

Educate yourself 

As with most things, knowledge is power. There are lots of online resources, articles and books that can better help you to understand the process of rewilding and its importance. By developing a better understanding this will help you to begin your own rewilding journey. If you have little ones, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to instil the importance of taking care of local habitats and wildlife from a young age and set them up with an environmentally-friendly mindset. Gardening, nature trails and other outdoor activities are also a great way to keep the kids entertained and learning over the school holidays. 

Rewild your garden

hands repotting a tray of plants

The perfect place to start is by purchasing some seeds or new shrubs to root into your garden. You can research various species of plants, flowers and trees for more information on how they support different species of wildlife local to you. Perhaps it’s a vital source of nutrients for them, or a safe place to shelter. You don’t need to own a particularly large garden to do so, or even a garden at all. Spruce up your view with a window box full of blossoming flowers for the birds and bees to enjoy. 

Adopt a greener lifestyle

One of the biggest threats to nature is us humans. Our modern lives produce a lot of material waste and pollution. You can take steps to actively lead a green day to day life. Choosing to recycle, cutting back on single use plastic, swapping the car for walking to work. All of these small changes help to protect the environment and support the growth of our woodlands and landscapes.

Shop local, shop seasonally

fruit and vegetables at a local market stall

A more sustainable lifestyle is not only about the waste that we put out, it’s also about taking more consideration for what we consume. By choosing to shop locally with businesses who support ethical practices in how they manufacture, distribute and package, you are again helping our local environment. Shopping with a local store reduces your carbon footprint as you are not reliant on imported products. This is where shopping seasonally comes into play. Research what fruit and vegetables are in season and shop accordingly to support local agriculture and use what is grown right on your doorstep. 

Support greater action

There are lots of groups and organisations working hard to educate citizens on the importance of rewilding and what’s involved. For example, The Scottish Rewilding Alliance are on a mission to make Scotland the world’s first Rewilding Nation. They collaborate with businesses and organisations who share the vision of a greener, more sustainable Scotland by campaigning, sharing their mission with local communities and Holyrood representatives. By supporting such organisations and their work, you are helping to raise awareness and increase rewilding on a national level. 

You can find out more about the #RewildingNation campaign to MSPs and get involved here.

These are just a few of the ways you can actively support rewilding at home but there are many other ways to get involved. We would love to hear your stories, tips and ideas on leading a more eco-conscious lifestyle.