Wild Cocktail Bar for your event!

Wild Cocktail Bar for your event!

We now offer a Wild Cocktail Bar service for your special event.  Just get in touch to discuss how this could work at your event.

We've taken our Wild Cocktail Bar concept to the next level.  Having initially (and still) running this as a surprise event out in the wilds of Scotland, encouraging followers to find us with the reward of a free wild cocktail, we've now set up the concept as a cocktail bar service for events.

We design and make wild cocktails using our spirits and other spirits alongside a range of specially made liqueurs, syrups and infusions drawn from the Scottish forests, hills and country garden.

We've got modular units for flexibility of bar size to fit most events, can arrange licensing and have great, friendly staff.  We can also look to design a feature cocktail specifically around your event.

For more information and to discuss this further please drop us an email with your contact details to hello@highlandboundary.com