Our Top 5 Nature Trails in Perthshire

Our Top 5 Nature Trails in Perthshire

Our top 5 nature trails in Perthshire. From mountain hikes to local woodlands, the picturesque Perthshire countryside has something for everyone.

Over the past few months the great Scottish outdoors has played a vital role in offering solace, relaxation and wellbeing in our daily lives. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by the rolling hills and ruggedly handsome terrain of the Perthshire countryside which continues to inspire us with its natural beauty everyday.

When we’re not bustling away in the distillery or working on the farm, we enjoy afternoons spent roaming the Perthshire countryside navigating through its range of nature trails. 

The Perthshire countryside and woodlands offer a whole host of walks for all levels of ability. If you would like to dedicate a weekend to conquering a highland terrain, or simply take a half an hours drive out of the city to enjoy some peace and quiet, there's a route to suit.

With the glorious summer weather now in full swing we’re sharing are our top 5 nature trails in Perthshire. It doesn't matter if you’re from Perthshire, or exploring the region for the first time, our guide will help you to choose the perfect natural trail.

Kinnoull Hill

The entirety of the Kinnoull Woodland Parks sits east of Perth city centre and includes five hills in its grounds. Of course, including Kinnoull Hill which stands tallest of them all. One of the Kinnoull Hill cliff edges proudly supports the foundations of a 19th century tower which boasts panoramic views of Perthshire and the River Tay. The tower can be accessed on foot by a track which takes you right along the cliff edge to the viewpoint.

Starting from Perth city centre the circuit passing by the tower equates to roughly 4 miles and is a reasonably accessible trail for walkers of all abilities. In fact, you’ll often find cyclists and horse riders enjoying the trail’s stunning views. 

Along the way, you’ll encounter a vast range of botanical species such as birch, Scots pine, larch, oak and more. Depending on the time of year, it’s not uncommon to spot squirrels and even deer roaming the landscape. With such thriving woodlands it's no wonder Kinnoull Hill is one of Perthshire’s most cherished nature walks. 

The Cateran Trail

This nature trail is not one to be taken lightly. Scotland’s famous Cateran Trail navigates a circuit from the Perthshire to Angus border crossing moors, historic tracks, farmland, forests and more. All completed in around five days.

In centuries gone by, the route pathed the way for cattle thieves known as ‘Caterans’ to weave between the glens robbing the local landowners. Hence, where the trail hailed its name.

The Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust offer fantastic guidance on how best to plan and tackle the trail, breaking it down into five stages. Along the way there are various facilities and overnight accommodation on offer to ensure that you are well prepared and rested for the day’s walk ahead. 

In fact, our very own Kirklandbank Farm House is situated just 100m from the Cateran Trail alongside our Highland Boundary distillery. Located right on the faultline between the lowlands and highlands, we can vouch first hand for the beautiful scenery that the Cateran Trail offers.

Lady Mary’s Walk

Following the winding banks of the River Earn, Lady Mary’s Walk is a pleasant trail popular with visitors to Crieff. 

 For nature enthusiasts like us, one of the most charming aspects of this trail is its wild ecosystem. Along the way you can spot kingfishers, herons and even otters living off the river. 

Whilst on land, the woodland trees tower high with species of beech, oak, chestnut and lime trees. Some of which can be dated almost 150 years back.

The trail is a comfortable walk for all abilities and with various paths leading off, you can walk as little or as far as you please. There are plenty of seating areas that are spotted along the way too. So you can take a moment to catch your breath or simply observe the stunning views of Perthshire’s countryside. 

In recent years Lady Mary’s Walk was updated to make the trail safe and accessible to wheelchair users and pushchairs. Making it the perfect walk for the whole family to embark on.

The Birks of Aberfeldy

On the western outskirts of Aberfeldy lies the enchanting Birks of Aberfeldy nature trail. Once known as the Dens of Moness, the route took its current title from iconic Scottish poet Robert Burns who wrote ‘Birks O’Aberfeldie’ depicting a venture to the woodlands through song.

A highlight of the trail is the rolling Falls of Moness, a charming waterfall that runs down the Moness gorge. On a fine Scottish summer’s day, the Falls of Moness is really quite the picturesque setting nestled in the mature forest surroundings.

The natural beauty of the Birks of Aberfeldy goes beyond just that of the botanical treasures it holds. The woodlands attract vast species of birdlife. So any keen bird-watchers out there, this is the perfect Perthshire walk for you.

The route can be easily completed in 1-2 hours and although some of the terrain can be steep the waymarked walkways make it a pleasant walk for all. 

Faskally Woods

Best known for its autumnal light display as ‘The Enchanted Forest,’ the Faskally Woods continue to shine with natural beauty all year round. 

The forest borders the humble Dunmore Loch situated just outside of Pitlochry. On land and in the loch wildlife thrive. From red squirrels to kingfishers and a whole range of aquatic species below the water. The paths are regularly signposted with information boards on the trail’s most common wild inhabitants which is perfect for kids to learn about their local ecosystems. 

Visitors from all over can enjoy the Faskally Woods with plenty of onsite facilities such as the carpark, toilets, picnic areas and even fishing courses on the loch. The ground is even and very accessible for all ages to enjoy.