Meet the Team - Simon Montador

Meet the Team - Simon Montador

Get to know the fantastic team behind Highland Boundary!

Meet Simon! Together with partner Marian, he helps to oversee the whole operation of Highland Boundary. From freshly picked wild botanical, to bottled spirit ready and waiting to be served. Outside of work he loves spending time roaming Perthshire's stunning countryside and mountains, but enough from us. We'll let Simon tell you a little more about himself.

 Do you have a favourite spirit from the Highland Boundary range and if so, how do you serve?

"My favourite at the moment is our Larch and Honeysuckle spirit. I like a good measure straight over ice. If I’m feeling a little more creative then I like it in a martini or negroni style of cocktail."

How do you see Highland Boundary growing over the next few years?

"I see botanical spirits getting more of a foothold in the UK market as people tire of gin and look for something new. We’ll continue to focus on top quality natural products that people can drink flexibly. We’ll look to grow in to export markets, expand our innovative product range work with interesting people on surprising collaborations."

Between yourself and Marian, how do you split the roles of running Highland Boundary?

"There’s a lot of shared activity, like sales, but Marian is the designer and distiller and in charge of operations. I’ve got responsibility for Marketing and Finance."

Growing up, what did you want to be when you were older?

"I’ve never particularly thought like this. I remember at high school really wanting to be a geneticist which is what Marian and I both have degrees in. I think I’ve always been more opportunity and interest oriented. "

Can you tell us a little bit about one of your favourite events that Highland Boundary has featured at and why it’s so memorable?

"I enjoy all shapes and sizes of event because I really like meeting customers.  We’ve been in some great settings across the UK.  I really enjoyed the event we did with NorthHop and NTS Castle Fraser, which was great fun as we ran an Outlander themed cocktail bar with cocktails designed based on the books and TV show."

When you’re not working, how do you spend your time?

"Eating and sleeping are the most obvious things given how busy we are. Beyond that I love walking (hills or beach) and reading."

Between yourself and Marian, who is the better cook and what’s their signature dish?

"I’d say in as humble a way as possible...me. I like cooking curry - currently trying to perfect my own paneer and the occasional bit of baking. I make a lovely Spanish almond and orange cake that happens to be gluten free."

 What do you love most about living in Perthshire?

"The beautiful mixed countryside from mountains and rivers to woodland and farmland. We’re lucky that it also seems to inspire a huge range of artisan producers and artists."

What's your favourite meal or food you would pair with a nice glass of Highland Boundary?

"We make a beautiful salmon gravadlax with the Birch and Elderflower spirit. So I’d pair that with the spirit in one of our martini recipes."

What's your favourite walk or hill in or around Perthshire? 

"I love a circular walk that takes us up Alyth Hill, through the Bamff estate to see the beaver dams, then down through the Den of Alyth and back up home."

We know you live on a farm! List the animals and pets you have alongside your up on the Highland Boundary Fault...

"We have a flock of Hebridean sheep – fittingly they are black sheep - and we have some chickens. At the moment we’re actually searching for a new dog from a rescue home. "

"The rest of the animals are a big selection of wild animals on the farm and in the forests around us. They include pine martins, red squirrels, roe deer, hare, stoat, kestrels and barn owls."

If you had to pick three films to watch for the rest of your life, what would they be?

"Yes Man, Hitch, Notting Hill."

What kinds of music do you like to listen to?

"A big variety but I’ll always be a child of the punk era."