Meet the Team - Marian Bruce

Meet the Team - Marian Bruce

Get to know the fantastic team behind Highland Boundary!

First up under the spotlight is Marian Bruce. Alongside partner Simon, Marian has been a driving force behind the creation of Highland Boundary. Together they bring the wonderful flavours of the Scottish wilderness into tasty sprits. Find out more about Marian's journey with Highland Boundary and get to know her passions outside of work.

Tell us a little bit about your profession before founding Highland Boundary.

“Spent 20 year doing biomedical research at Edinburgh, Oxford and Glasgow Universities, studying the molecular epidemiology of infectious disease – malaria and tuberculosis. I worked in the tropics in Papua New Guinea, Zambia & Malawi. Most latterly I held a personal Welcome Trust Biodiversity Research Fellowship at Glasgow University. When our children were 8 we moved to Kirklandbank and I left science and project managed the renovation of the steading buildings and our new house build."

What inspired you and Simon to launch Highland Boundary?

"To make spirits with true wild flavours of Scotland that had been forgotten about for many years, using only our native flora. To make drinks that were authentically Scottish but yet completely new in flavour taking inspiration from Scandinavian and Alpine spirits."

 Outside of work, what are your hobbies and interests?

"Mountain sports (hillwalking, skiing), gardening, reading."

Who are some of your favourite local/independent businesses that you love to shop at and why?

"We love Peel Farm and the Scottish Deli in Dunkeld as they promote and support other local businesses."

Do you have a favourite spirit from the Highland Boundary range?

"I love them all but my favourite is the Birch and Elderflower spirit because of its versatility and because it is a fantastic cocktail ingredient, really enhancing other flavours."

Where are some of your favourite places to visit in Scotland and what makes them so special?

"We love our home in Perthshire but the ruggedness of Torridon is really special. The beaches are amazing and the stunning geology makes hillwalking there a truly unique experience."

What advice would you give to your younger self?

"Be more bold, take more risks, worry less about what other people think."

 What’s the most rewarding part of running Highland Boundary?

"Getting to drink what you make! No seriously, there are so many enjoyable aspects of what we do but I think the most rewarding is using our products to re-connect people with Scotland’s native plants and wild countryside."

How do you see Highland Boundary growing over the next few years?

"We continue to innovate and will be bringing you more new amazing flavours from Scotland’s wild plants. We are always expanding our collaborations and are looking forward to bringing you some very special events coming soon……"

What's your favourite meal or food?

"My favourite food is seafood – mussels, langoustine and scallops – expensive taste I know!"

We know you guys love making spirits! Is there anything else you like to make? Food, crafts, new furniture?

"We love cooking too so we are always experimenting with new recipes – some of which sometimes also involve spirits"

If you had to pick three films to watch for the rest of your life what would they be…

"Love Actually, Hitch, The Shawshank Redemption."