Meet the Team - James Montador

Meet the Team - James Montador

Get to know the fantastic team behind Highland Boundary!

Introducing James Montador! Highland Boundary's in-house marketing assistant. Getting stuck in on the family business, James is on hand to support the brands growth and keep you up to date with the latest Highland Boundary news. Here's a little more about James from our recent chat with him.

What were you doing before you began working at Highland Boundary?

"Before I joined Highland Boundary I was working at a retail store part time which helped me gain some knowledge of how retail works and some experience within its environment."

What's your role in Highland Boundary?

"My role at Highland Boundary is Marketing Assistant but I will help out with a lot of things from botanical picking to working on stalls and soon to be running them as I will have acquired my personal licence."

If you had to pick a favourite from the Highland Boundary range, what would it be and how would you serve?

"My favourite product has to be the Birch and sloe liqueur. Serving it is quite easy as I can have it over ice or mix into cocktails to try out."

How do you enjoy spending your time when you're not working?

"When I'm not working I will either be watching shows on TV or looking at new clothes that I could get."

What do you love most about living in Perthshire?

"What I love the most about living in Perthshire is the amount of different things there are to do. From mountain biking to shopping, or just going on a hill walk. There is always something for everyone to do."

If you had to pick just three films to watch for the rest of your life what would they be?

"I don't really know what films it would be but the three TV series I could watch would be Brooklyn Nine Nine, Game of Thrones and White Collar."

Finally, what kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

"I listen to a lot of Techno or Tech House which always puts me in a good mood."